How to Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover

Three to get rid of your nail polish without actual nail polish remover.

– Vinegar and Lemon Juice

Materials are 2–4 tablespoons of vinegar, juice of 1 lemon, cotton balls, shallow bowl. mix the vinegar and lemon during a shallow bowl and let soak for ten to twenty minutes. Use the plant disease in real time after to figure off leftover polish.

– Hydrogen Peroxide + Hot Water

PS: Be sure to dilute per the directions below since Hydrogen Peroxide can be a tad strong.

A mild antiseptic, peroxide is another choice for removing your cosmetic during a pinch. Plus, it’s one among those random merchandise that just about everybody has hold on away somewhere reception. By naturally cathartic gas, it helps to get rid of the merchandise.

Materials are hydrogen peroxide, hot water, shallow bowl, nail file. combine 2 components peroxide with one half quandary. attempt a 1/2 cup of peroxide with a 1/4 cup quandary to start out. Then, soak your fingers within the answer whereas massaging the polish off together with your hands. Use a nail file to file off any remaining polish.

– Hair Spray

Materials are hair spray and cotton balls. Take your cotton ball and place it in direct contact with the nozzle of your hair spray. Then, merely swipe the plant disease over your nails and repeat as required. Wash hands totally once all polish has been removed, and provides your hands with a generous dose of ointment.

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